Ladies Times 2018
8.20, 8.30am, 8.40am, 8.50am BRS
9am, 9.15am, 9.30am. Draw
 1.30pm, 1.45pm, 2pm Draw
2.10pm, 2.20pm, 2.30pm,  4pm, 4.10pm BRS
5pm 9-hole Draw
23rd May, ’18 1st Dolores O’Shea, 2nd Ann Ryan, Gross Mary Mather, 3rd Tracey Gallagher, 9-Hole Margueritte Rowan.
16th May, ’18 1st Mary Mather 39, 2nd Mary Berrigan 38, 3rd Ann Stevenson 38, 9-Hole Mary Conlan 18.
9th May,’18 Cat 1: 1st Tracey Gallagher, 2nd Majella Howard, 3rd Phil Murphy. Cat 2: 1st Maria Scully, 2nd Ann Murphy, 3rd Edwina Hanley. 9-Hole Mary Conlan.
7th May, ’18 Bank Holiday League: 1st Mary Foran, 2nd Tracey Gallagher, 3rd Mary Healy.
2nd May ’18 1st Majella Howard, 2nd Ruth Conlan, 3rd Eileen Campion, 9-Hole Mary Conlan.
25th April ’18 1st Maria Scully, 2nd Mary Foran, Gross Margo Cadigan, 3rd Mairead Gray, 9-Hole Noirin Noble.
18th April ’18 Australian Spoons: 1st Mary Healy & Mary Dick,  2nd Maria Scully & Mairead Gray, Gross Dolores O’Shea & Ruth Conlan, 3rd Meryl Yates & Mary Foran.
11th April ’18 1st Kathleen King, 2nd Dolores O’Shea, 3rd Majella Howard, 9-Hole Mary Conlan.
28th March ’18 1st Majella Howard, 2nd Mairead Gray, 3rd Mary Foran, 9-Hole Carol Osborne.
 14th Mar 2018 Lady Captain’s Drive-In: Cat 1: 1st Esther Loakman, 2nd Tracey Gallagher, 3rd Majella Howard. Cat 2: 1st Mairead Gray, 2nd Ann Ryan, 3rd Barbara Collins
Spring League -Leg of Lamb:  Week 1 Lesley Gorman, Week 2 Maria Scully, Week 3 Anne Connolly, Week 4 Annette French.
21st Feb 2018 1st Ann Murphy, 2nd Ber Brett
14th Feb 2018 1st Noirin Noble, 2nd Mairead Gray
31st Jan 2018 1st Lesley Gorman, 2nd Mairead Gray
27/28th Jan 2018 3-Person Waltz: Mona O’ Loughlin, Tracey Gallagher, Paula Kelly
24th Jan 2018 1st Alice Moran, 2nd Dolores O’ Shea
10th Jan 2018 1st Maria Scully, 2nd Mary Mather
1st Jan 2018 3-Person Team: Mary Dawson, Esther Loakman, Mary Cummins
Golfer of the Year           Tracey Gallagher
Runner -Up Ruth Conlan
Silver Medal Ruth Conlan        
Bronze Medal Lesley Gorman
Silver Spoon Mary Healy                      
Ringer Board Ruth Conlan, (Gross)
Ringer Board Edwina Hanley, (Net)
Bank Holiday League Overall Winners: 1st Dolores O’Shea, 2nd Majella Howard, 3rd Mary Cummins.
28th Oct 2017 1st Margaret Cassidy (V) 38, 2nd Mary Fitzpatrick (V) 37, 3rd Edwina Hanley 33.
25th Oct 2017 1st Tracey Gallagher 19, 2nd Sarah McCormack 19, 3rd Dolores O’Shea 18.
18th Oct 2017 1st Catherine Doyle 20, 2nd Carol Osborne 18, 3rd Catherine O’Donnell 17.
11th Oct 2017 1st Ruth Conlan 38, 2nd Esther Loakman, 3rd Marie Flanagan 33.
4th Oct 2017 1st Tracey Gallagher 42, 2nd Lesley Gorman 38, 3rd Phil Murphy 36.
20th Sept 2017 1st Carl Osborne 39, 2nd Maria Scully 35, Gross Ruth Conlan 22, 3rd Esther Loakman 35.
16th/17th Sept 1st Phil Murphy and Kathleen King 23pts.
6th Sept 2017 1st Stephanie O’Sullivan 38, 2nd Tracey Gallagher 38, 3rd Majella Howard 37. 9-Hole Sarah McCormack 17.
13th Sept 2017 1st Ruth Conlan 66, 2nd Carol Osborne 71, Gross Mary Mather 92, 3rd Marie Flanagan 73, 9-Hole Marina Duggan.
30th Aug 2017 1st Ber Brett 38, 2nd Margo Cadigan 37, 3rd Maria Scully 35, 9-Hole Phil Power.
24th Aug 2017 Glasson Scramble: 1st Ruth Conlan, Anne Connolly and Ann Ryan.
23rd Aug 2017 President’s Prize: 1st Lesley Gorman 66, 2nd Carol Osborne 67,  Gross Ruth Conlan 83, 3rd Margo Cadigan 67, 4th Dolores O’Shea 72, Cat 1 Phil Murphy 73, Cat 2 Teresa Crudden 74, 9-Hole Sarah McCormack.
16th Aug 2017 1st Ruth Conlan 38, 2nd Tracey Gallagher 37, 3rd Mairead Gray 36th.
13th Aug 2017 1st Annette French and Tracey Gallagher 48.
9th Aug 2017 1st Tracey Gallagher 45,  2nd Mairead Gray 41, 3rd Margo Cadigan 39, F9 Catherine O’Donnell, B9 Eileen Campion, 9-Hole, Claire O’ Dwyer.
7th Aug 2017 Bank Holiday League: 1st Dolores O’ Shea 35, 2nd G Foran 34 (V), 3rd Margo Cadigan.
2nd Aug 2017 1st Catherine O’Donnell 73, 2nd Phil Murphy 74, Gross Ruth Conlan 87, 3rd Mairead Gray 75, F9 Anne Connolly 35, B9 Carol Osborne 34, 9-Hole Adrienne Johnston.
26th July 2017 1st Dolores O’ Shea & Stephanie O’ Sullivan 55, 2nd Teresa Crudden & Tracey Gallagher 57, 3rd Anna Somers & Joan Moran 58.5, 9-Hole M. Cooney 16pts
19th and 22nd July 2017 Lady Captain’s Prize: 1st Esther Loakman (79), Gross Ruth Conlan 39 G. Pts, 2nd  Anna Somers (77), 3rd Ann Connolly (73), 4th Carol Osborne (72),  5th Catherine Doyle (67), Past Captains  Lesley Gorman (66), Cat 1.  1st Kathleen King (65),  2nd  Mary Mather (64),  3rd M Howard (64), Cat. 2   1st M Scully (66, )2nd  Stephanie O’ Sullivan (65), 3rd Paula Kelly (64), Day 1:  1st Ann Doyle (37,)  2nd M Dawson (35) Gross, Margo Cadigan (16), 3rd Phil Murphy (34), Day 2 1st Ber Brett (36), 2nd  Ann de Bruir (34), Gross Lily O’ Connor (13 pts), 3rd Mary Healy (33), Putting: Breda Connell,   9 Holes : 1st Phil Power (19,  2nd Claire O’ Dwyer (15).
12th July 2017 1st Mary Healy 66, 2nd Anna Somers 68, 3rd Caroline Norris 69, Gross Dolores O’Shea, F9 Esther Loakman, B9 Stephanie O’ Sullivan.
5th July 2017 1st M. Malone & M. Moore 52, 2nd Pauline Weldon & Tracy Gallagher 48, 3rd Alice Moran & Anne Stevenson 47, Gross Dolores O’Shea & M. Fitzgerald 21, 9-Hole Eileen Corcoran.
28th June 2017 1st Mona O’ Loughlin &Maria Scully 38, 2nd Lily O’ Connor & Aileen Bell 38, 3rd Mary Dawson and Lesley Gorman 36, 9-Hole Pauline Weldon.
21st June 2017 1st Ruth Conlan 41, 2nd Ann Doyle 38, 3rd Ann Ryan 38, Gross Kathleen King 19, F9 Noirín Noble 21, B9 Mary Healy 20, 9-Hole Mary Bracken.
14th June 2017 1st Teresa Crudden 71, 2nd Majella Howard 71, 3rd Lily O’Connor 73, Gross Ruth Conlan 90, Cat 1 Phil Murphy 73, Cat 2 Stephanie O’ Sullivan 74, 9-Hole Adrienne Johnston 11.
7th June 2017 1st Margo Cadigan 39pts, 2nd Teresa Crudden 36pts, 3rd Anna Somers 35pts. 9-Hole  Mairead Gray 15pts.
5th June 2017 Bank Holiday League: 1st Lily O’ Connor, 2nd Mary Dawson, 3rd Annette French pts.
31st May 2017 1st Catherine Field 39pts, 2nd Marie Flanagan 37pts, Gross Ruth Conlan 25pts, 3rd Margo Cadigan 37pts, 4th Phil Murphy 36pts, 5th Margaret Gill 35pts, Front 9 Maria Scully 20pts, Back 9 Tracey Gallagher 20pts.
24th May 2017 1st Ann de Bruir 68, 2nd Dolores O’Shea 69, Gross Kathleen King 92, 3rd Alice Horan 71, Front 9 Mona O’Loughlin 34, Back 9 Maria Scully 35.
17th May 2017 1st Joan Shirran 42, 2nd Mary Commins 40, 3rd Esther Loakeman 39. 9-Hole Mary Bracken 19.
12th,13th,14th May 2017 Weekend Scramble Ladies Winners: Margo Cadigan, Betty Fitzpatrick, Mary Foran, 85pts.
1oth May 2017 Category 1: 1st Ann Doyle 46 pts, 2nd Anna Somers 38pts. Category 2: 1st Eileen Campion 41pts, 2nd Tracy Gallagher 41pts. 9-Hole: P. Power 17 pts.
3rd May 2017 1st Mary Mather 68, 2nd Kathleen King 69, Gross Mary Dawson 89, 3rd Ann Stevenson 69, Front 9 Esther Loakman 32, Back 9 Alice Horan 33, 9-Hole Mary Bracken.
1st May 2017 Bank Holiday League: 1st Ita Roche 42, 2nd Paula Kelly 36, 3rd Dolores O’Shea 36.
26th April 2017 1st Mary Commins, 2nd Margo Cadigan, 3rd Anna Somersw. 9-Hole Phil Power
19th April 2017 Australian Spoons: 1st Lily O’Connor and Alison Bell 42 pts, 2nd Ber Brett and Breda Connell 39 pts, Gross Mary Mather and Anna Somers 18 pts, 3rd Marie Flanagan and Betty Fitzpatrick
17th April 2017 Bank Holiday League: 1st Anne Doyle 35 pts, 2nd Mary Commins 33 pts, 3rd Majella Howard 32 pts.
Easter Weekend  3-Person Team Waltz: Ladies Team Winners: Mary Dick, Mary Healy and Majella Howard
12th April 2017 Cat 1: 1st Dolores O’ Shea 41, 2nd Ruth Conlan 37. Cat 2: 1st Ber Brett 38, 2nd Mona O’ Loughlin 36. Cat 3: 1st Maria Scully 42, 2nd Edwina Hanley 42.
5th April 2017 1st Mary Healy 67, 2nd Paula Kelly 68, Gross Ruth Conlan 86, 3rd Esther Loakman 68
31st March/1st /2nd April Rathangan Welfare Ladies Winners: Paula Kelly and Edwina Hanley
29th March 2017 1st Alice Horan and Ann Murphy, 2nd Anna Somers and Teresa Crudden, Gross Ruth Conlan and Majella Howard, 3rd Ber Brett and Breda Connell
15th March 2017 1st Ruth Conlan, 2nd Anne Stevenson, 3rd Dolores O’Shea. 9-Hole: Noirín Noble
10th March 2017 Ladies 10-Hole Matchplay Final: Winners: Edwina Hanley and Anne Connolly, Runners-Up: Ann De Bruir and Annette French
8th March 2017 Lady Captain’s Drive-In: Cat 1) 1st Margo Cadigan, 2nd Lily O’Connor, 3rd Mary Mather, Cat 2) 1st Mary Healy, 2nd Breda Connell, 3rd Teresa Crudden
1st March 2017 1st Ann Doyle, 2nd Eileen Corcoran
22nd Feb 2017 1st Annette French, 2nd Catherine Doyle
15th Feb 2017 1st Margaret Monaghan, 2nd Carol Osborne
8th February 2017 1st Edwina Hanley, 2nd Maura Farrell
1st February 2017 1st Ita Roche, 2nd Teresa Crudden
28/29th January 2017                                               3-Person Team Waltz Scramble: Eileen Campion, Mona O’Loughlin, Breda Connell
25th January 2017 1st Ann Fitzpatrick, 2nd Maria Scully
20th/21st/22nd January 2017 4-person Team Champagne Scramble: Betty Fitzpatrick, Ann Fitzpatrick, Mary Foran, Paula Kelly
18th January 2017         1st Lesley Gorman, 2nd Mary Dawson
13/14/15th January 2017 3-Person Team, Waltz: Margo Cadigan, Mary Dawson, Lesley Gorman
4th January 2017 1st Mona O’Loughlin, 2nd Delores O’Shea

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