Mens Results

Results of Scotch Foursomes 25th & 26th

Tom Egan & Martin Cahill 26pts

Paul & Joan Moran 26pts


12th January Scramble

Winners Brian Hyland, Declan Jacob, Ray Melia, Shane Darling 60pts,

Ladies prize – Margo Cadigan, Mary Dawson, Anne Connolly & Lesley Gorman


Winner of Leg of Lamb Voucher 12 January 

Ian Harris 

6th January Results Two Person Team

Ger Connolly & Pat Hopkins 46pts, 


3 Person Waltz Results

Ian Harris, Andrew Flynn & Finbar Flynn 46pts.


Results Week 5 Winter League Voucher Winners

Finbar Flynn 25pts

Leo Mather 25pts


Results Week 4 Winter League Voucher Winners

1 Liam Brennan 27pts, 

2 Declan Jacob 26pts, 

3 Andrew Flynn 26pts, 

4 Ger Connolly 25pts. 





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