One Club Model

Updated 20/02/2023

Golf Ireland & The One Club Model

Single Affiliation vs previously 2 Affiliations = Golf Ireland is A ONE CLUB MODEL

Not changing – Management Committee/Board Structure.

Minimum 30/30/40 gender balance and up to 11/12 members recommended.


The One Club Model – what this can mean for Cill Dara Golf Club

  • ‘The One Club Model’ – is not mandatory but recommend serious consideration.
    • Cill Dara Golf Club have agreed to move to the One Club Model.
  • One Club Committee (Management Committee/Board) &  including Golf.
    • 9-person Club Committee
  • Sub-Committees
    • Responsible for all aspects of playing the game of golf.
  • 1 Club AGM only.
  • Men’s & Ladies’ Captains, Men’s & Ladies’ Vice-Captains & 1 Club President.
  • One Club Chaiperson
    • 3-year role
  • One set of finance accounts
    • One Treasurer
  • One Club Secretary
  • One Club Registrar
  • Reduction of membership categories to a maximum of 10.
  • All adult members (over 18’s) would need to be eligible to attend the Club AGM regardless of membership category.
  • Removes the requirement for 2 Golf Committee AGMs
  • Equal access to timesheets

The One Club Model – benefits to Cill Dara Golf Club

  • More equality & inclusion
  • More about membership not gender
  • More equal access to timesheets/playing rights.
  • More about fairness & more about working together.
  • More modern club culture
  • Less AGMs
  • Less membership categories
  • Less Captains/Vice-Captains & less Presidents
  • Less financial accounts
  • Equal access to timesheets


 ‘It is the right thing to do’

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